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Just In Time for the Peak Holiday Dog Toy Selling Season!

This new toy contains a special squeaking mechanism that brings exciting new elements to plush play. The built-in latex bellows squeaker makes this toy both shake-able AND tug-able, not to mention squeak-able!

Dogs love the new sensation of biting down on the rubber bellows hose, and can’t resist giving this toy a spirited shake. It’s no coincidence that the harder dogs shake it, the more it squeaks!
The inner noisemake resembles an accordion, allowing this toy to give and stretch for tugging. The accordion style squeaker is also the source of a distinctive “chatter” if squeaking noises that is highly attractive to doggie ears.

Are you guilty of offering one-note dog toys?

Do you offer a variety of dog toys? Not only toys that look different, but toys that sound different too?

Toys that squeak are sure to peak the interest of most dogs. What could be better than a squeaky dog toy? How about a dog toy that squeaks AND grunts! Dogs are intrigued by new sounds from their toys – making playtime more exciting and longer-lasting.

Noisy Toys Enrich

Sensory enrichment is a category of environmental enrichment that addresses enriching the senses. Toys that make new sounds are stimulating and beneficial in enriching playtime. Dogs that have positive experiences with a variety of sounds are better adjusted and more confident should they hear something that they are not used to. What better way to introduce dogs to funny sounds than with toys?

Honk, Grunt, Squawk, Squeak, Crunch…

Kyjen dog toys are jam packed with different kinds of noisemakers. For fun new sounds, check out our Hard Boiled SoftiesBottle BuddiesHedgehogsPip SqueaksTuff Guys, and Squawkie Talkies!

Big Ticket Items for Holiday Sales

The holidays are a perfect excuse for dog lovers to splurge on their furry best friends!

In case you haven’t heard, we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary (in dog years) of our famous Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush toy – so we made a HUGE version of this best selling toy.

Measuring over 15 inches tall, the Limited Edition Hide-A-Squirrel (MSRP $99.99) boasts a giant plush tree trunk filled with ten squeaky squirrels and a commemorative embroidered label on the back. Remember, this toy isn’t going to be around for long…we are only making 3,000 of them, EVER!

This giant toy is sure to attract attention on your shelves and differentiate you from the competition!

Introducing NEW Plush Puppies Bottle Buddies Squeakers!

Dog lovers have a new reason to drink more water! The empty bottles will come in handy as replacements in this improved bottle-crunching toy. With a smartly designed, extra durable sleeve, Bottle Buddies Squeakers are made to last through hours and hours (and many empty bottles) of crunching and squeaking fun.

That’s right, they squeak too! But we didn’t put just any old squeaker in this toy. We built the squeaker right into the removable bottle cap. When the crunching and squeaking has been exhausted, simply place the squeaker cap onto another bottle and tuck it safely in the sleeve to start the fun all over again.

Customers will LOVE the quality and value of this adorable plush toy.

Marketing Tip: A Must-Have for Every Business…

How a Local Colorado Yogurt Shop has a Text-Based Frequent Buyer Program

By Kyle (President & Founder of Kyjen)

I find it shocking how few businesses ask for my contact information. Why wouldn’t they want the ability to mail, e-mail, and text me special offers that may be of interest to me? Acquiring contact information from your customers could be the golden ticket that differentiates you from your competition. It is the most cost effective way to market to your customers and gives you a reliable way to reach them.

Take frozen yogurt shops for example. In my area, these shops come and go and there are plenty to choose from. One particular local yogurt shop, that my family and I frequent, sets themselves apart from the competition with an excellent frequent buyer program. When customers get to the counter to pay, they are asked for their cell phone number in order to participate in the program. Then, automated texts are sent letting customers know how many points they have earned. Points add up to a free frozen yogurt! The program is very similar to frequent buyer cards, but without the hassle of keeping track of a card. The automated message is a great reminder and incentive that encourages repeat customers.

Ways to Automate the Marketing Functions of Your Business

How do you automate your marketing functions without losing your mind? Building a centralized database of all of your customers is essential, so that you can communicate with and market to your customers on a regular and ongoing basis.

Easily build a centralized database with a CRM (customer relationship management) software program. Some examples of CRM programs you can find online are HighRise, ZohoCRM, Free CRM, and Sugar CRM.

Once you have done the above, the right software program will enable you to market to different segments of your customers.  For example, you can market specifically to active customers, inactive customers, or even prospects that have never previously bought from you.  Having a list, or centralized database, of contacts, along with the right CRM software program, can open valuable doors for marketing and repeat sales growth.

Solve Dog Toy Dilemmas – Be the Dog Toy Expert

Each dog has a distinctive personality and unique style of play. At Kyjen, it’s our goal to design toys that meet the needs of each and every dog (and dog parent of course). This is where you (a dog toy expert) come in. By educating yourself about the products your store carries, you are better able to give you customers helpful suggestions. You will find customers coming back for more advice, and for more of your carefully selected products.

Don’t just sell products – Solve Problems!


Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

  1. Does the obsession with squeaks stem from natural instincts? Maybe dogs associate these sounds with sounds of prey in the wild.
  2. Do dogs enjoy squeaks due to the satisfaction of cause and effect? They bite the toy, it immediately squeaks.
  3. Perhaps it is as simple as entertainment. Are dogs just plain amused by the interaction and sound of the squeak?

Well, we don’t know for sure. What we do know, is that dogs sure do love toys that squeak. With that in mind, we designed longer-lasting squeaky toys for your customers and their dogs.

Solutions for Dogs that Lose Interest When Toys Stop Squeaking

Have your customers all but given up on purchasing more squeaky toys for their dogs? Sure, some people look forward to the “death” of the squeaker. However, when customers spend money on a dog toy, wouldn’t you like to offer them the value of a longer-lasting toy? Don’t let your customers give up on squeaky toys just yet. With our toy solutions below, you will have satisfied and grateful customers coming back for more!


Keeps Squeaking When Punctured!

The name pretty much says it all! Our Invincibles are the longest lasting squeaking toys for dogs. They just keep on squeaking – even when sharp teeth put holes in the squeaker.

“Just got Hank and the [Invincibles] squeaky snake — my GSD played and squeaked both back and forth for six hours! Squeak! Squeak! I LOVE it! (My daughter hates it). Thank you for making something Ava doesn’t kill with two minutes. I definitely will be returning for more toys :) – Janet Messer

In addition, many of our Invincibles have multiple squeakers with slightly different squeak sounds. The variety of sounds keep dogs interested and entertained for longer-lasting play.


Squeaker Mats

It’s Like Bubble Wrap for Dogs!

With row after row of squeakers, its OK if dogs “kill” a few – there are plenty more to keep them interested. In fact, our Long Body Squeaker Mats have a total of 16 squeakers!

[Long Body Squeaker Mat Gator] is one of my dogs absolute favorites!!! It has squeakers all along it’s body! My dog always just chews on the squeaker until it doesn’t squeak anymore. In this case, there are SO many squeakers if one dies from playing there is still plenty of squeak options left! It’s also big and floppy. The body lays pretty flat like a towel so my dog just whips his head around and plays with it like he’s tearing it up then he goes back to squeaking it. It’s pretty funny watching him flip it around. It has withstood some light tugging action between my two dogs, but nothing to rough. I highly recommend this toy! – review


Hard Boiled Softies

The Only Plush Toy that Bounces and Grunts

With a thick rubber shell under a soft plush exterior, Hard Boiled Softies are designed to survive the abuse of squeaker killing canines. You can expect the “yolk” to keep squeaking/grunting for a very long time!

“Our daughter sent us your [Hard Boiled Softies] penguin for our labrador (Buddy–a champion chewer and toy lover). He adored this toy! It is the only one of many many that he plays with for a long time. And is it tough! Buddy has massacred numerous stuffed toys and balls–in fact the house is littered with limp animal bodies! This toy is such a winner, and he keeps trying to “kill” it without success but refuses to be defeated. Congratulations on a great product!” – Louise Smith

Solve Dog Toy Dilemmas – Be the Dog Toy Expert!

Each dog has a distinctive personality and unique style of play. At Kyjen, it’s our goal to design toys that meet the needs of each and every dog (and dog parent of course). This is where you (a dog toy expert) come in. By educating yourself about the products your store carries, you are better able to give you customers helpful suggestions. You will find customers coming back for more advice, and for more of your carefully selected products.

Don’t just sell products – Solve Problems!


Solutions for Dogs that Love to Destroy Plush Toys

No matter how “tough” a plush toy is made there is a dog that will find a way to rip it open and remove the stuffing and squeaker. Rather than try to fight this destructive action, we offer toys that allow dogs to engage in play that is constructive, AND still have the satisfaction of un-stuffing a plush toy. For dogs that destroy plush toys, we suggest following Kyjen toys for longer lasting play:

These Plush Toys are Made to be Un-stuffed!

Plush Puppies Egg Babies

“I actually don’t like the Egg Babies Dinosaur, I love it!!!”

Customer E. Roznar of Portland, Oregon had almost given up on stuffed toys altogether because her 1-year-old Maltese would tear apart every toy she gave him, in search of the stuffing or squeaker inside. That is, until she brought home one of our Egg Babies!

Unlike other plush toys, removing the stuffing is the name of the game!

Each of our Egg Babies has 3 squeaky plush “eggs” tightly packed in its reinforced belly and removable through a single slit. Dog play is enriched by the hide-and-seek action of freeing the eggs. Dogs pull out the prize hidden inside without ruining this toy. The owner simply stuffs the eggs back in again and again for long lasting fun.

E. Roznar goes on to say, “it has now been 3 months and the only sign of wear on the [Egg Babies] dinosaur is by the opening of the pouch, a few of the fibers are gone but I can’t find any tears anywhere!”

Plush Puppies Puzzle Plush

These plush toys each include multiple pieces for dogs to seek out and remove from the base. Our Puzzle Plush line works in reverse of regular puzzles; your dog takes toys out and you put them back in. Dogs get the satisfaction of un-stuffing a plush toy without actually destroying it! This line has a variety of puzzles in different shapes and sizes to keep play interesting and challenging for your dog.


Our Puzzle Plush Intellibone is slightly different as it allows dogs to take the toy apart rather than retrieve pieces from the inside. This is great for dogs that tend to dismember plush toys.


Tip: For dogs that love to un-stuff plush toys, removing the “eggs” from Egg Babies or pieces from Puzzle Plush toys will offer a similar satisfaction. In order to increase the life of the toy, dog parents should always be involved in the game to discourage dogs from ripping the parts once they are pulled out. We suggest praising dogs for each piece they free from the base, and allowing a short amount of time to play with the pieces before stuffing them back in for another round. Of course, accidents happen, so Egg Babies come with two extra eggs, and replacement packs are available for Egg Babies and Puzzle Plush toys.

Plush Puppies Puzzle Plush and Egg Babies are both great solutions for interactive play with dogs that love to dissect, destroy, dismember or un-stuff plush toys. However, that is not the sole purpose of these toys. These toys were specifically designed to stimulate and challenge dog’s minds and problem solving skills. Dogs are smart and have instinctual urges to stalk and capture prey. So what if the “prey” is soft squeaking squirrels or colorful plush eggs! These games are fun for dogs and great for their mental health. Plus, dog parents get to be involved in the play, allowing dog and owner bond and socialize with one another.

Introduce Your Customers to One of the Fastest Growing Dog Sports!

What is Agility?

According to the American Kennel Club, Agility is an athletic event that demonstrates a dog’s willingness and ability to navigate a variety of obstacles at the instruction of its handler.

Your average customer might not be interested in competing in dog sports. However, Agility training does not have to be competitive. Your customers can get the benefits of Agility training without spending hundreds of dollars for professional training and equipment. Dog Games Agility Starter Kit allows customers to bring a beginner Agility course to their own backyard.

Read on for useful information to pass on to customers about the Dog Games Agility Starter Kit.

Why Teach the Family Dog Agility?

Not interested in Agility competitions? There are still plenty of reasons to try out this sport with your dog. Agility training is a fun way to practice obedience and teach your dog to focus on your instructions, not to mention a great workout for your dogs mind and body.

Agility Starter Kit

Try agility in your own backyard with our Dog Games Dog Agility Starter Kit. Start by introducing your dog to each obstacle separately, and make sure to have LOTS of treats on hand. Never force a dog to do any of the obstacles. You want to make each obstacle a fun positive experience. The best way to do this is by baiting your dog over, through, or around obstacles with treats or toys.

High Jump - Adjust the jump to an appropriate height for your dog. Show your dog the treat and guide him over the bar, using a verbal command such as “jump” or “over”. Offer treats, toys and praise for a successful jump!

Open Tunnel – Start with the tunnel scrunched up to make it very short and less intimidating. Bait your dog through the tunnel with a treat, using the verbal command “tunnel”. Once you’ve shown your dog that a treat is waiting at the other end of the tunnel, gradually extend it to full length.

Pause Box – The pause box is meant to simulate the pause table in Agility. Dogs are asked to lay on the table for a 5 second pause. Begin by treating your dog for having all four paws inside the box. Use a verbal command such as “table” or “box” for this obstacle. Once your dog knows to stand inside the box boundaries, ask for a sit and stay inside the box before treating. When your dog knows to sit and stay inside the box, progress to a down and stay in the box.

Weave Poles - This is a difficult obstacle for most dogs to learn. Instead of putting the weave poles in a straight line, start by staggering them.

They should be placed so that rather than having to weave through the poles, your dog can almost just walk straight through the channel in between them. Hold a treat in front of your dog, give the verbal command “weave”, and guide your dog through the channel – treating at the end.Gradually make the channel smaller so that your dog has to weave through the poles.

It will probably take a lot of practice before your dog is able to weave through the poles when they are in a straight line.

Agility Course - When your dog is comfortable with each obstacle, start to combine two or more obstacles to make a course. Work on keeping your dogs attention as you direct him or her from one obstacle to the next and reward your dog at the end of the sequence.

Agility training can be tailored to suit any dogs age, breed, fitness level, and physical ability.

Until about 9 months of age, dog’s bones, muscles, and joints are still developing. At this time, jumps should be kept very low to avoid putting stress on puppies’ growing bodies. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, the developmental stage may be longer – so check with your vet before raising the bar. Obstacles can and should also be altered for dogs with back problems or breeds that are prone to back issues. Along with lowering jumps, you can put more space in between weave poles to avoid stressing your dog’s back.

Increase Exposure, Build a Positive Image, and Drive Sales with Sponsorship

Sponsorship, not to be confused with paid advertisement, can be an excellent tool for marketing your business. You don’t need to be a giant corporation to take advantage of the good publicity that sponsorship can bring. Sponsor a local event that potential customers and existing customers might attend. Community members and event goers will be exposed to your company and recognize your support, helping to form positive attitudes in regards to your business.

Kyjen at the 5th Annual Festival of the Bastardino – A Celebration of Mixed Heritage Dogs

We recently sponsored an event in Littleton, Colorado. In addition, some of our employees volunteered to attend the Doggie Plunge to loan Outward Hound lifejackets to the four legged swimmers.

The Doggie Plunge is part of a festival to benefit Freedom Service dogs – a non-profit organization that recues dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs. This year, close to 1000 dogs enjoyed their day at the waterpark followed by demonstrations from the k-9 Police Unit, dock diving, and even a doggie ice-cream eating contest.

Marketing Tip: Why You Must have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

What’s Your USP?

Every business needs a USP! What’s a USP? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point. This is a statement or headline that states your unique selling position that separates you from your competition. It’s what gives your company a voice, makes you stand out, and shows a sense of purpose. In other words, what’s UNIQUE about your business?

Having a carefully defined USP can make all the difference! Your USP could be a statement, slogan, or motto; something that could be synonymous with you and your business.

What’s unique about your business?

For one, you can carry Kyjen’s branded Dog Game Puzzle Toys and Plush Puppies interractive plush!

What they’re saying…

“We have had great success with the plush puzzle toys, specifically the squirrels. These have been staples in our store for about 5 year now and are still going strong. People like the novelty of them, plus they are a value as you essentially receive 4 toys.”

W. LePore - Flea Bags LLC

“The new puzzles are great. We already sold out of the Paw Flapper, and the Jigsaw Glider and Treat Triad are running low too. All the puzzles (old and new) sell great and are a wonderful compliment to out training classes.”

T. Rosen - Furr-Get Me Not