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Tips to Increase Sales

Up-Sell / Down-Sell / Cross-Sell

Put a plan in place and train your employees to up-sell, down-sell, and cross-sell. Doing so can increase your sales and bottom line dramatically.


Sell a customer a more expensive product instead of the one they were planning to purchase. For example: A customer is about to purchase a Large Hide-A-Squirrel. You can try to up-sell a Ginormous Hide-A-Squirrel. Make sure to point out the benefits of the more expensive version.


Gain credibility and a repeat customer by down-selling: show a customer a less expensive item than the one they are looking to buy. When you down-sell, the customer is more likely to make a purchase. Although there is less profit in that sale, you have acquired a customer and thus more sales in the long run.


A great cross sale item is something that is related, but different from the item a customer is planning to buy. Cross-sell products that compliment or add to the purchase. For example, a customer buying a puzzle game can be sold a second puzzle game in order to add variety and rotation to play. Treat hiding puzzle games give a great opportunity to add on a consumables sale.

As usual, Kyjen brings you price points the consumer will love!

High margins are only profitable for you if the product sells. Customers are hesitant to commit to high-ticket items for their pets, and sales are often lost. The best news for retailers is the rock bottom retail price points of our our products, including Dog Games Puzzle Toys. We’ve worked diligently with mold makers and engineers to make games at lower price points than the competition without sacrificing quality or safety.

Marketing Tip: The One-Degree Difference for Independent Pet Retailers

Think about this: water boils at 211 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s great if you’re making a pot of tea, but it won’t really power much else.

But…one degree higher, 212 degrees, can power steam engines.

What might happen to your sales if you increased your repeat customer business by just one degree? Kyjen Dog Toys and Games is that one-degree difference. They’re some of the most unique dog toys on the market and are loved by both customers and their dogs! Once a customer experiences the utter joy that our toys bring to their canine companions, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Our products are designed to keep dogs enthralled for hours on end. We continually test our products on all types of dogs and keep improving them.

Your customer is all but certain to become a repeat customer. Move towards that one-degree difference and see your profits multiply.


Our Launch a Ball may look like some of our competitors, but it is actually the most advanced innovation of its kind. The Launch a Ball offers dog owners the opportunity to send a ball sailing, regardless of their natural throwing ability. The shaft is specifically designed to store energy before release for longer distance throwing. The tennis ball is held in place by a friction grip head. No more launching straight into the ground like the competitors snap fit. Consumers will not be able to find this product in any mass market chain stores which leaves you with the opportunity to sell a completely unique product at an amazing price point.

Marketing Tip: Differentiate Yourself from Big Box Retailers with Personal Relationships

My local bike shop and the importance of personalized service!

by Kyle (President & Founder of Kyjen)

This past spring, as the weather was getting warm and the leaves and grass were turning green, it was time to think about breaking out the bikes in order to go for some rides and take advantage of the beautiful scenery here in Colorado. As soon as I looked at our bicycles, I knew I needed some parts and service as well as a couple of new bikes since my kids had out- grown their old ones.

There are numerous places that sell and service bicycles in the area south of Denver where I live. From mass-market chains, to regional bike shop chains, to local independent shops.

I decided to first go to the local shop, Country Pedaler, in my town of Castle Rock because I know the owner Alex (the actual store: I hadn’t been there for at least a couple of years, and even though he had several other employees working there, Alex greeted me as if I was a good friend. He took his time with me, asked me how the family was, and showed me some bike frames that may be good for our kids. I ended up not buying one, and instead purchased only a couple of inner tubes. This was a very small sale for him, about ten dollars. However, Alex walked me to the car and continued to carry on a cordial conversation with me.

Now, do you think I will go to any other bike shop in the future? I don’t think so! As a matter of fact, I have been back to his shop twice since my original visit this spring.

What’s the moral of my story?

No matter what all of the chains, big box retailers and large corporations try to do, there will never be a form of marketing that is better than personalized one-on-one service and personal relationships. Despite all of the new types of media in many types of businesses, relationships still matter! This is the secret marketing weapon that small businesses will always have over any chain store or large corporation!

So get out there and talk to your customers and develop those relationships. I guarantee you this is the biggest opportunity you will have to grow your business long-term!

New Chew Toy, Unlike Any Other

Introducing a revolutionary boredom buster

Combine a dog’s natural drive to chew with a problem-solving challenge and you have the most revolutionary boredom buster of all time – Seamsters! We’ve designed a rubber toy in which dogs are actually interested! Long, thin strips of rawhide are threaded through deep, reinforced slotted holes in the rubber shells. The dried and hardened rawhide becomes a tough seam that challenges a dog to “destroy” it.

Constructive chewing is IN, destructive chewing is OUT

Dogs of all ages need to chew. If not given the proper outlet, destructive chewing can result. Seamsters provide a longer-lasting, challenging outlet for a dog’s natural chewing drive. Both wild and domestic dogs spend hours chewing to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean.

Non-toxic, natural rubber and knot-free rawhide

Made of vanilla-scented, natural, non-toxic rubber and stitched with thin, knot-free strips of rawhide, these puzzles will provide hours of distraction. The rawhide strips are digestion-friendly – no need to worry about rawhide knots or large awkward-shaped pieces that might choke a dog. The entire package is irradiated for an extra dose of safety. Consumers wet the rawhide for just a few minutes. After rethreading the toy, they let it dry and harden – then the fun begins again!
We offer several shapes and sizes, some even have the added bonus of a hollow treat chamber for twice the reward.

It’s easy… Fill. Stitch. Destroy. Repeat!

  • Restitchable, repeatable fun
  • Seamsters stand up to the toughest chewers
  • Bonus – they clean teeth and strengthen gums

Giant, Ginormous Dog Toys Are Here!

Ginormous toys are here! We took 3 of our best sellers and made them even more awesome!

Ginormous Gator with 32 squeakers!
Ginormous Invincibles Snake with 12 squeakers!
And Ginormous Hide a Squirrel with 6 squeaking squirrels inside!

Shop now at

Something Big is Coming…

Get ready for big sales and big profits.

Stay tuned…

The Holidays Are Coming… Fast!

Don’t forget to stock up on the latest and greatest Kyjen products for the Holiday season. Order early, because once we’re out, we’re out for the season!

Be sure to check everything on clearance too, for great stocking-stuffer ideas!

Fun and Games!

Greetings to all of our retail friends – it was great fun to run into many of you last week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. We’ll be in booth 2310 at the April Backer Show, so stop by if you’re in town!

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder for Picture People… here’s our little video about their contest.

Puzzle toys!

Do your customers tell you how smart their dogs are? Our new and unique line of interactive puzzle toys will test out your dog’s problem solving skills. The puzzle toys have varying degrees of difficulty to continually challenge and entertain even the smartest dogs! Try them out!

Add some color to the shelves

Need some fun and color in your set of toys? Funnies and Sea Monsters can definitely deliver. At great retails, these long lasing toys will surely keep your pets and pet parents happy!