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Retail for ALL!

When it comes down to it, there is no excuse not to have at least a small retail spot in your Fido related business. Whether you have a grooming, training, daycare, veterinarian, bakery or any other business catering to our favorite four-legged friends, finding a spot for retail should be at the top of your to do list. It’s a great way to add to your bottom line and provide your valued customers with another great service.

My sister-in-law, who owns Aspen Ridge Animal Hospital in Show Low, AZ, recently added a toy box full of dog toys by the register at the dog’s level (see image below). This way, when it’s time for payment, patrons’ dogs can go shopping, and may be lucky enough to go home with a new toy!

Keep it simple, you don’t have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to add retail to your business. You can start with 10 items, two each of your favorite products. Stick with items you use at home, as there is no greater selling tool than your own recommendation. Think about it, your customers come to your business because they believe that you’re the best, so your recommendations hold great worth! Many companies sell their products at wholesale prices to business just like yours, including Kyjen. Get started at If you already have retail, great! But you can still capitalize on increased sales with a toy box by the register!

Catering to the info hungry consumer –increase sales using the power of information

Whether in the cereal aisle at your local supermarket, or in the TV section at a big box electronic store, consumers, now more than ever, are information hungry. Even though discretionary budgets are back on the rise, consumers have kept to the recessionary adapted habits: garner as much information as possible about a group of products, and then make an informed decision based on criteria that is important to them (quality, value, price, etc.)

It’s important to point out why a certain product (which may have a higher ticket price) should be purchased over a less expensive alternative. Why not put this information within the consumers reach… or more accurately “eyesight?”

Small cards (even 3 X 5 index style) work great to fit a few key features and benefits about a product and still fit within your well crafted display. In a perfect world, you or an employee would be able to talk with every customer and convey this info in person, but as we all know, the day to day tasks and other customers inhibit us from doing so. Thus the displayed info must suffice.

Think liquor stores, below each bottle of wine is a small note card displaying the points the bottle of wine is rated. The same holds true with pet products, simply place a tag by the product and have the tag do the selling.

Get creative, have fun and increase sales!

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Toys That Play Back!

I read the following article from and found it to be very interesting!  We offer toys, Puzzle Plush, that I believe are the kind the article refers to…

Toys That Play Back
Some toys are designed to challenge the dog, or to reward by randomly dispensing treats. Toys that are designed to break apart–even if they’re soft and plush–often withstand the roughest treatment, because they redirect the dog’s energy and trick it into thinking the toy has been disemboweled.

Soft, plush puzzle toys, beehives, magic hats and birdhouses challenge the dog to separate out the component parts one at a time. These toy designs consistently earn thumbs-up reviews from industry and consumer publications.

Toys that challenge a dog’s intelligence can help with training and behavior. For example, dogs that have separation anxiety and spend hours alone while their owners work often resort to destructive behavior in the home. Furniture becomes a chew toy, and peeing and pooping come to be acts of frustration, defiance and attention seeking. Even more worrisome for dog owners is the boredom, lethargy and a general lack of spirit that dogs suffer from. Toys that engage the dog’s intelligence help the animal overcome tedious hours of solitude, and can be genuinely effective at correcting bad behavior.

For outdoor play, especially when it’s hot, offer water toys that squirt, spray, sprinkle and drip. These toys can be frozen or filled with water, broth or juice.”

To read the article written by Dan Headrick, owner of Wag Pet Boutique in Raleigh NC in its entirety, follow this link! Thanks for reading!

Educate your customers on the importance of “play”, a great way to sell more dog toys!

Much of what I am about to say may seem like common sense, but common sense is not always common practice.

Too many of us have dogs that sit around all day while we are at work. When we arrive home, we are often too tired to exercise and ‘play’ with our dogs and ourselves. I think we need to remind ourselves and our customers about the importance of play within humans and dogs.  Physical activity is good for your health both mentally and physically. It’s good for your dog too!

In dogs, it helps prevent destructive behavior. It provides a release that enables them to express their natural behaviors…. instead of chewing up your new leather shoes! Explain this to your customers. There are wide varieties of new and different toys on the market which you can sell to your customers to help them benefit from play!

Suggestive Selling Still Rocks!

…So there I was yesterday on a less than noteworthy mission to buy a new cover for my grill…

I went to Sears, which is always a fascinating experience to an old-school salesperson like me. This store interests me because it feels like a blast from the past – in a good way! I come from a long line of salespeople associated with retail – my grandfather was Vice President of Sales for Florsheim Shoes, my dad was a sales rep and I, of course, started in specialty retail the minute I turned sixteen.  My first degree was in merchandising, so you might say that I can’t escape my interest in retail!

Anyway, I was greeted by several friendly people as I entered the Sears basement, and was personally escorted to the grill area by a sales pro named John C.  It’s been ages since I’ve seen such enthusiasm – remember when we all knew the story or some interesting detail about every item that we were selling?  Remember when people still cared?

Well, I think they actually still do!  It’s become a colossal challenge to find that personal touch that used to be a part of the shopping experience (of course, we all love the no-hassle factor of shopping online, but in-store sales is a whole different cup of tea).

John C was just right – informative, professional, and eager to offer product suggestions when prompted.  As he was ringing me up, I mentioned that I needed to find a Father’s Day gift for my dad.  Without missing a beat, he stopped what he was doing and escorted me over to the “dog bone” wrenches, which he insisted my dad would love.  He customized his pitch by asking whether my dad was a work-on-the-car guy or a house guy, and hand selected the appropriate version of the tool.

As you might imagine, we then wandered over to the rose trimmers… and to a variety of other places, and ultimately had an excellent adventure around the store!

I find that when people CARE about what they’re selling, and when they genuinely CARE about helping me find what I’m after, I’ll buy almost anything within reason (and they’re selling to someone who knows every sales trick in the book)!

I invite you to take a second look at what you’re selling, find out something about it (at Kyjen we love to talk about our dog toys and travel gear, so I know the manufacturers will help you with the homework)…

…and really capitalize on the fact that customers are starved for a little attention and human interaction – it still WORKS!  Get out and sell!