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New Chew Toy, Unlike Any Other

Introducing a revolutionary boredom buster

Combine a dog’s natural drive to chew with a problem-solving challenge and you have the most revolutionary boredom buster of all time – Seamsters! We’ve designed a rubber toy in which dogs are actually interested! Long, thin strips of rawhide are threaded through deep, reinforced slotted holes in the rubber shells. The dried and hardened rawhide becomes a tough seam that challenges a dog to “destroy” it.

Constructive chewing is IN, destructive chewing is OUT

Dogs of all ages need to chew. If not given the proper outlet, destructive chewing can result. Seamsters provide a longer-lasting, challenging outlet for a dog’s natural chewing drive. Both wild and domestic dogs spend hours chewing to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean.

Non-toxic, natural rubber and knot-free rawhide

Made of vanilla-scented, natural, non-toxic rubber and stitched with thin, knot-free strips of rawhide, these puzzles will provide hours of distraction. The rawhide strips are digestion-friendly – no need to worry about rawhide knots or large awkward-shaped pieces that might choke a dog. The entire package is irradiated for an extra dose of safety. Consumers wet the rawhide for just a few minutes. After rethreading the toy, they let it dry and harden – then the fun begins again!
We offer several shapes and sizes, some even have the added bonus of a hollow treat chamber for twice the reward.

It’s easy… Fill. Stitch. Destroy. Repeat!

  • Restitchable, repeatable fun
  • Seamsters stand up to the toughest chewers
  • Bonus – they clean teeth and strengthen gums

Giant, Ginormous Dog Toys Are Here!

Ginormous toys are here! We took 3 of our best sellers and made them even more awesome!

Ginormous Gator with 32 squeakers!
Ginormous Invincibles Snake with 12 squeakers!
And Ginormous Hide a Squirrel with 6 squeaking squirrels inside!

Shop now at

Something Big is Coming…

Get ready for big sales and big profits.

Stay tuned…

The Holidays Are Coming… Fast!

Don’t forget to stock up on the latest and greatest Kyjen products for the Holiday season. Order early, because once we’re out, we’re out for the season!

Be sure to check everything on clearance too, for great stocking-stuffer ideas!

BIG WINNERS at Picture People!

As you may remember, we recently partnered with Picture People in their big photo contest.  At last, we know who the winners are!!


Our biggest congrats were, needless to say, in order!  In addition, our assignment was to send a Big Pile of Everything… only one problem… our resident lover of BIG attention jumped into the box and wanted to go along!

Check out Macallan below, and be watching for photos from the recipients!

Fun and Games!

Greetings to all of our retail friends – it was great fun to run into many of you last week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. We’ll be in booth 2310 at the April Backer Show, so stop by if you’re in town!

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder for Picture People… here’s our little video about their contest.

Wags to Riches Photo Contest at Picture People

Here at Kyjen, we’re always dreaming up ways to get the word out in a WIN-WIN fashion that really benefits our specialty retailers… This month we teamed up with Picture People, and boy, did we have fun!

They’ve got a fantastic contest going – check out the video, and then check out your nearest Pet People!

Retail for ALL!

When it comes down to it, there is no excuse not to have at least a small retail spot in your Fido related business. Whether you have a grooming, training, daycare, veterinarian, bakery or any other business catering to our favorite four-legged friends, finding a spot for retail should be at the top of your to do list. It’s a great way to add to your bottom line and provide your valued customers with another great service.

My sister-in-law, who owns Aspen Ridge Animal Hospital in Show Low, AZ, recently added a toy box full of dog toys by the register at the dog’s level (see image below). This way, when it’s time for payment, patrons’ dogs can go shopping, and may be lucky enough to go home with a new toy!

Keep it simple, you don’t have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to add retail to your business. You can start with 10 items, two each of your favorite products. Stick with items you use at home, as there is no greater selling tool than your own recommendation. Think about it, your customers come to your business because they believe that you’re the best, so your recommendations hold great worth! Many companies sell their products at wholesale prices to business just like yours, including Kyjen. Get started at If you already have retail, great! But you can still capitalize on increased sales with a toy box by the register!

Kyjen is at Super Zoo in Vegas!

Hi! Just making sure you all are aware, Kyjen is in Vegas! We’re attending Super Zoo! We’re in booth 1424. Be sure to stop by and check out our display with all of our newest toys! Be the first to have them in your store :)

Also, the Kyjen team will be at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay from 4- 6pm this Tuesday.  Stop in and say “Hi!” We’d love to meet you.

New Dog Exercise Toy! Help your customers!

Over 50% of your Customers have dogs that are overweight!  Help solve their problems…

Our new Tail Teasers dog exercise toy will help solve your customers’ problems, while making you money!
You sell super-premium pet foods to help keep them healthy, why not sell them a dog exercise toy to help keep them fit too?

About the Toy…

This is an innovative, one piece design comprised of a flexible rod encased in a woven nylon cord. The joint is reinforced by a durable rubber collar. Therefore, super durable! Check it out!