Marketing Tip: Why You Must have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

What’s Your USP?

Every business needs a USP! What’s a USP? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point. This is a statement or headline that states your unique selling position that separates you from your competition. It’s what gives your company a voice, makes you stand out, and shows a sense of purpose. In other words, what’s UNIQUE about your business?

Having a carefully defined USP can make all the difference! Your USP could be a statement, slogan, or motto; something that could be synonymous with you and your business.

What’s unique about your business?

For one, you can carry Kyjen’s branded Dog Game Puzzle Toys and Plush Puppies interractive plush!

What they’re saying…

“We have had great success with the plush puzzle toys, specifically the squirrels. These have been staples in our store for about 5 year now and are still going strong. People like the novelty of them, plus they are a value as you essentially receive 4 toys.”

W. LePore - Flea Bags LLC

“The new puzzles are great. We already sold out of the Paw Flapper, and the Jigsaw Glider and Treat Triad are running low too. All the puzzles (old and new) sell great and are a wonderful compliment to out training classes.”

T. Rosen - Furr-Get Me Not

Marketing Tip: The One-Degree Difference for Independent Pet Retailers

Think about this: water boils at 211 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s great if you’re making a pot of tea, but it won’t really power much else.

But…one degree higher, 212 degrees, can power steam engines.

What might happen to your sales if you increased your repeat customer business by just one degree? Kyjen Dog Toys and Games is that one-degree difference. They’re some of the most unique dog toys on the market and are loved by both customers and their dogs! Once a customer experiences the utter joy that our toys bring to their canine companions, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Our products are designed to keep dogs enthralled for hours on end. We continually test our products on all types of dogs and keep improving them.

Your customer is all but certain to become a repeat customer. Move towards that one-degree difference and see your profits multiply.


Our Launch a Ball may look like some of our competitors, but it is actually the most advanced innovation of its kind. The Launch a Ball offers dog owners the opportunity to send a ball sailing, regardless of their natural throwing ability. The shaft is specifically designed to store energy before release for longer distance throwing. The tennis ball is held in place by a friction grip head. No more launching straight into the ground like the competitors snap fit. Consumers will not be able to find this product in any mass market chain stores which leaves you with the opportunity to sell a completely unique product at an amazing price point.

Marketing Tip: Differentiate Yourself from Big Box Retailers with Personal Relationships

My local bike shop and the importance of personalized service!

by Kyle (President & Founder of Kyjen)

This past spring, as the weather was getting warm and the leaves and grass were turning green, it was time to think about breaking out the bikes in order to go for some rides and take advantage of the beautiful scenery here in Colorado. As soon as I looked at our bicycles, I knew I needed some parts and service as well as a couple of new bikes since my kids had out- grown their old ones.

There are numerous places that sell and service bicycles in the area south of Denver where I live. From mass-market chains, to regional bike shop chains, to local independent shops.

I decided to first go to the local shop, Country Pedaler, in my town of Castle Rock because I know the owner Alex (the actual store: I hadn’t been there for at least a couple of years, and even though he had several other employees working there, Alex greeted me as if I was a good friend. He took his time with me, asked me how the family was, and showed me some bike frames that may be good for our kids. I ended up not buying one, and instead purchased only a couple of inner tubes. This was a very small sale for him, about ten dollars. However, Alex walked me to the car and continued to carry on a cordial conversation with me.

Now, do you think I will go to any other bike shop in the future? I don’t think so! As a matter of fact, I have been back to his shop twice since my original visit this spring.

What’s the moral of my story?

No matter what all of the chains, big box retailers and large corporations try to do, there will never be a form of marketing that is better than personalized one-on-one service and personal relationships. Despite all of the new types of media in many types of businesses, relationships still matter! This is the secret marketing weapon that small businesses will always have over any chain store or large corporation!

So get out there and talk to your customers and develop those relationships. I guarantee you this is the biggest opportunity you will have to grow your business long-term!

Keep Dogs Safe in the Car!

As the leading innovator in the dog travel category, Outward Hound is committed to creating the safest, best-priced auto gear. With our well-designed products, engineered for the safety and comfort, owners will enjoy a new level of confidence while traveling with their pets.

THE CAR BOOSTER SEAT attaches in seconds to the back seat of most automobiles giving small dogs the ability to ride safely while looking out the window.

THE UP & OUT LIFT HARNESS eliminates the struggle and back strain of lifting large dogs into a vehicle. This product is outstanding for injured or elderly dogs as the harness is comfortable for the pet, eliminates joint stress from jumping into the car.

THE EXTEND-A-SEAT™ is the ultimate safety solution for automobile travel with dogs. By offering a platform at seat level, the Extend-A-Seat™ expands riding space while providing safety. Attaches in minutes to the seats of most vehicles.

THE BACK SEAT HAMMOCK creates a barrier to keep pets from climbing into the front. The nylon material is soft and sturdy, while protecting your car from pet hair.

Treat and Training Bags for Outdoor Dogs

Outward Hound provides accessories essential to the life of every active dog. Our collapsible Treat N’ Training bags are great tools for anyone getting out and about with their dog. The bags are the ideal addition to a walk or training session. Leave them by the door, ready with training treats, pick up bags and a ball, and with the Quick Access Treat N’ Training Bags, there’s room for your valuables all with a fast-open top!

Treat N’ Ball Bag

• Ideal for treats, balls and valuables
• Clip or velcro option allow for hands-free use
• Secure drawstring closure keeps contents secure during activity
• Folds flat for easy storage

Quick Access Treat N’ Training Bag

• Perfect for carrying treats and valuables
• Outer mesh pocket for additional storage of pick-up bags and other gear
• Pops open allowing easy access to contents
• Reflective piping for added safety and visibility

Durable, Eco Friendly, and Priced to Sell Dogs Toys for used Water Bottles

Our Bottle Buddies were the first plush toy line with a replaceable water bottle, and they’re still selling strong! This toy was originally made after observing the pleasure and length of time dogs would chomp on empty water bottles. Plasticwater bottles can crack and produce sharp, dangerous edges. We’ve overcome this by creating a tough cover for empty plastic water bottles, while still maintaining that engaging cracking sound. These cute animal-shaped covers have a durable inner-nylon layer that keeps cracked, sharp plastic edges produced by the bottles, from penetrating the soft plush outer layer. This makes for a crunching good time for dogs.  For added fun, you can also put a couple of kibbles into the bottle for a fun rattle noise that will keep your playful pup even more engaged. This innovation has also been widely imitated but our quality has not been.  These toys are safe, eco friendly, and priced right to sell! Check out all of our Bottle Buddies at

Outward Hound Pet Stroller – Customer-friendly prices on a great Pet Stroller

Pet strollers have become the norm when owners need to take their loved ones to the Vet, dog park or shopping.  As a preferred method of transportation, Pet Strollers get pets to their destinations without exhaustion, and create a safe refuge from the elements of weather and aggressive dogs.

Outward Hound took all of the features a dog owner might want, and put them into a perfectly-priced Pet Stroller that lets you take your dog with you!

• Full zip-top enclosure to keep pets contained
• Ventilated cabin
• Removable, padded bottom inside cabin
• Wheels with lockable brakes
• Top shade shelter and window
• Zip down front shade and wind cover
• Cup holder and tray
• Storage pocket
• Folds flat in seconds

Hot, New Category of Enrichment Games and Puzzles for Dogs

Our puzzle toys are based on enrichment philosophies first started in zoos to eliminate boredom of captive animals. Many of our designs have come from our own observations (and consumer feedback) of dog behavior over the years.

Almost a decade ago, we introduced plush-based puzzle toys to the pet industry. Most of our original designs are still in production and remain best-sellers despite new competition entering the market. Our most well-know puzzle plush dog toy is the Hide-A-Squirrel. With over 300 5-star reviews on Amazon, owners attest to the fact that dogs enjoy the challenge of ferreting out the plush squirrels from their cozy hiding place in the reinforced plush log. Dogs truly seem to celebrate liberating the hidden squirrels. Some dance around and squeak the squirrel with joy when they “catch” it. Owners simply reload the squirrels and let there dogs go at it again and again. The Hide-A-Squirrel and it’s sister plush, Hide-A-Bee and Hide-A-Bird, provide a longer-lasting thrill than a simple squeaker toy.

Another plush favorite is the Egg Babies that contain hidden plush balls, or “eggs”, in their bellies. These plush toys provide similar hide-and-seek enrichment for dogs. For retrievers and other dogs who love chasing balls, recovering these “eggs” provides an additional thrill. Some dogs take to re-hiding the eggs under furniture on their own. The eggs in the Egg Babies are tightly packed in the belly of the critter and are removed from a single, velcroed slit underneath. This is a slightly different game to the dog than the more open cavity of the Hide-A-Squirrel log.

With all the success of our plush puzzles, we decided to introduce a whole line of plastic and rubber-based puzzle toys under the brand Dog Games Puzzle Toys. Some puzzles are treat-based and others were created for dogs that love tennis balls. In a few of the puzzle toys, treats are hidden under specially designed cups that fit into holes in the puzzle bases. Dogs must figure out how to turn over or remove the cups from the puzzle to get the treats. Scent holes in the top of the cups help dogs discover where the goodies are and provide a gripping point for the cups to be removed with a tooth or claw.

The rubber puzzles focus on your dog figuring out the right way to remove a ball or squeaker toy from inside the puzzle, similar to the concepts in the plush puzzles.

Through these puzzles, you can quickly discover which dogs are sight-based hunters and which ones are scent-based with these toys. They are dish-washer safe and the plastic has been tested non-toxic by an independent lab. Competitors make compressed wood puzzle toys there that can’t survive a good slobbering or dishwashing, so we believe our plastic puzzle are the best choice of material for treat-based puzzles.

Grunting Plush, the Squeaker Alternative

Our lovable, best-selling Hedgehogs have a deep-sounding grunt noisemaker and a rattle inside. Some dogs really respond to this guttural noise over the higher-pitched squeak of regular squeakers.

Hedgehogs also fit naturally in a dog’s mouth, making them enjoyable to carry. Compared to most other plush toys, the soft faux fur and minimal seams lessen a dog’s need to rip and tear this toy. As a result, this highly popular classic has been, and still is, one of the best selling plush toys ever sold in the pet industry… for over a decade! Don’t miss out on a classic!

The Ultimate Indoor Dog Exercise Toy for Your Busy Customers

Our Tail Teasers were originally designed for human behavior — someone who has come home from a long day’s work can still engage their dog in a high-energy chase while sitting on the couch. The Tail Teaser is constructed like a heavy-duty fishing pole with a single piece of tough nylon rope covering an inserted fiberglass rod. Aside from human convenience, they can also be used for older dogs who are no longer able to play a hardy game of fetch due to arthritis, loss of eyesight or hip dysplasia. The furry critter on the end of the tough nylon rope can by gently tossed around and controlled by the owner to accommodate special needs. The Tail Teasers can also be used to train dogs who won’t play with toys and become high-maintenance due to their inability to play on their own. Owners can first use the Tail Teasers in tall grass to accustom the dog to the toy in a realistic chase, then they can move inside to a more contained setting for ordinary play.