Mike Iantosca

Mike Iantosca

Mike Iantosca has been working in the Pet Industry for over 15 years. His experiences includes 10 yrs at one of the largest pet specialty chains in the areas of marketing, product merchandising, assortment analysis and store layouts. In 2005, he became a sales broker representing some of the leading manufacturers in the pet industry. Mike took this experience to the Kyjen Company where he now is the VP of Key Accounts, with a focus on sales, marketing, and product development. He likes teaching independent retailers ways to grow their business through his knowledge and experiences.

Puzzle toys!

Do your customers tell you how smart their dogs are? Our new and unique line of interactive puzzle toys will test out your dog’s problem solving skills. The puzzle toys have varying degrees of difficulty to continually challenge and entertain even the smartest dogs! Try them out!

Add some color to the shelves

Need some fun and color in your set of toys? Funnies and Sea Monsters can definitely deliver. At great retails, these long lasing toys will surely keep your pets and pet parents happy!

New Take on Tug Toys

Unique and innovative toys will grow your sales every time! Our tugs come in fashion prints as well as plush and nylon. Try out our new take on tug toys.

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