Matt Davis

Matt Davis
My name is Matt and I’m considered an outgoing, fun, happy guy.  I’ve been in sales for most of my career and have a keen eye for the interesting and unique.  My hobbies include skiing, hiking, traveling, hunting, fashion, real estate, selling, networking  and helping people out with the kindness of my heart rather than keeping score.  You’ll get further in life once you realize that.  I’m from Omaha, roots in Cali and live in Denver.  Rock and Roll.
Toys That Play Back!

Pet Business posted a great article on the web. Toys that play back can greatly help your business!… Continue reading

Toys That Play Back!

I read the following article from and found it to be very interesting!  We offer toys, Puzzle Plush, that I believe are the kind the article refers to…

Toys That Play Back
Some toys are designed to challenge the dog, or to reward by randomly dispensing treats. Toys that are designed to break apart–even if they’re soft and plush–often withstand the roughest treatment, because they redirect… Continue reading

What are you doing that’s fun and reaches your customers?

Here at Kyjen, we are practicing many different types of marketing, advertising and selling techniques to reach prospects and build our brands. We hope these efforts spill over and create more demand for you, the independent pet specialty retailer.

We are still dedicated to making the important calls, knocking on doors, and sending personal emails to our prospects.  However, we’ve taken it a step further with this fun video for… Continue reading

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