Josh Turner

Josh Turner

Josh Turner is Kyjen’s Marketing Manager

Josh has been in the graphics design and entertainment production industry for 13 years.  He started out in Hollywood, color correcting for small CBS made for TV movies.  Josh has since worked for Disney Live Show Entertainment and Anti-Gravity-New York, collaborating on many productions including Festival of the Lion King, Regis and Kelly Live, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, and MTV’s reality hit series, “I Want A Famous Face”.  In 2007, he and his wife Lyndsay moved to Denver where he had was a Lead Designer for The Sports Authority, creating new product launch campaigns for Nike and Under Armour.  As a designer and graphics maker for Kyjen, Josh quotes, At work, I feel like I am home! His expertise in graphics, multi-level productions, and ability to captivate audiences is unique.  If you don’t find Josh bouncing trampoline or hanging upside down in his spare time, he is playing with his two white boxer dogs and making sure his daughter is always smiling.

Out with the old, embrace the new

I recently read an article on Kodak’s last production of kodachrome film.

As the king of photographic films’ successor is being replaced with digital technology, my first thought was wow… end of a beautiful era. How can new technology ever replace such class, superiority, and richness of its’ predecessor. Like vinyl to CD’s and CD’s to ipods, the evolution of technology will carry on regardless.

Then… Continue reading

Image is Everything…

One of the best parts of my job is that I get work with all kinds of photography- every day.  Our graphics team and interns (comprised of some of the most talented people on the planet!) make our products literally jump off the shelves. Why do we spend so much time and attention to images? At Kyjen, we know first impressions, “look”, and great products will seal the… Continue reading

Decrease Clutter, Increase Sales!

If you have ever tried to buy a home or a used car, you’ll notice that you tend to be attracted toward the clean rooms or neutral color tones.  In the world of design, simplified lines and shapes with proximity are pleasing to the eye.  The Gestalt theory supports this phenomena by naturally organizing closely related objects; thus allowing the brain to visually digest information comfortably.… Continue reading

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