Cody Rossi

Cody Rossi

Cody Rossi is the International and South West sales manager for Kyjen. He has interests in Social Media Marketing, Merchandising, and most importantly, meeting new people. He graduated with a degree in Speech Communication from Colorado State in 2009 and loves going to work everyday! He currently lives in Northern Colorado with his wife Brittany, his son Camden, and his two playful dogs, Louis and Lola.

Social Media?

Facebook… Twitter…FourSquare… You may think that you are not technologically savvy enough to be a part of social media. But the advantages of social media in the pet industry is measurable!  I already have many customers who have loyal followers on Facebook and all I hear are success stories!

Check out this article by Direct Marketing News about the pet industry and the advantages of social media  and do yourself a favor and grow your… Continue reading

I’m a touchy, feeley, kind of guy

I was walking through a large chain store the other day (it rhymes with shwal-mart) and I was looking to buy a bike helmet. I wandered the expansive mess they call “sporting goods” and came upon copious amounts of  head protection in every size, shape, and color. The only problem was they were all in boxes; boxes that were the Fort Knox of boxes. Impervious tape, twisty ties, and puzzling cardboard prevented me from… Continue reading

How are you different?

What are you doing that sets you apart from other stores? How do you do things different from the store down the street? Ask yourself these questions and then watch my video about our new toys, the Invincibles. We like to be different by making toys that dogs actually want to play with… and then, of course, making funny videos about them for your viewing pleasure… Enjoy!

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