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This blog is geared toward helping Independently Owned Specialty Retailers grow their business — or “Indies” as we like to call them. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of topics and information, as well as some fun stuff, that will help you grow your independently-owned specialty business. While our content will focus on what we know best — the pet industry, we feel the insights will help retailers in any specialty.

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We are a diverse group of Marketers, Merchandisers, Salespeople, and consumers employed in the pet-industry by Kyjen. Read our Bios here.  Because we work with individual Specialty Retailers from across the globe on a daily basis, we’re seeing new trends and new tricks before they’re mainstream. We thought, “Why not create a blog to pass along our experiences to other Independent Retailers.”

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– The Kyjen Team

One Response to “About this Blog”

  • I have an internationally-read blog concerning my community organization BensonsBuddies– a pet therapy team (myself & Benson, our family’s Amer. Bulldog/Lab mix).
    We are training to certify through Pet Partners/Delta Society in the spring of 2013. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis & Benson is training with him to serve as both his physical & mental assistance companion; Benson and i are certifying to interact in the community in AAT/AAA (Animal Assisted Therapy & Animal Assisted Activities)as fully licensed Pet Partners.

    The blog is not just regarding our journey to certification, but discusses a huge variety of related topics…and shares links regarding information, research and specialty products/equipment we talk about. We do not sell items through our site—however, we make direct links to non-profit organizations along with any other businesses & products that assist us & can assist our readers.

    Benson & i would love opportunities to try some of your products & and share those we feel meet the needs of teams like ours (& our families with special needs)with our audience. We also plan to share that information with those facilities & organizations we visit & work with in our region [Maine].

    products relating could include:
    —Toys, clothing or items that can be used in solo&group therapy and visitation (schools, retirement facilities, non-critical hospital care units & hospice)
    —safety gear & training items (like reflector-wear,flotation devices, halters, hunter-orange items, etc.)
    —outdoor wear & travel gear especially (packs, accessories…)—as hiking & other outdoor activities are a major part of Benson’s interaction with others & my husband—at varying levels of ability.
    —things similar working breeds & assistance companions use (search/rescue, herding, foreign service & ’sportsmen’ dogs)
    —& any unique or new items your experts think could appeal to those pet owners & companions

    Thanks so much for all you do, and for providing a great variety of items that are accessible to, and increase accessibility for, folks with loved pet companions.

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