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Puzzle toys!

Do your customers tell you how smart their dogs are? Our new and unique line of interactive puzzle toys will test out your dog’s problem solving skills. The puzzle toys have varying degrees of difficulty to continually challenge and entertain even the smartest dogs! Try them out!

Let’s Get Festive!

The big push is on and the question becomes how to optimize fourth quarter sales and end the year on a successful retail note… let’s get festive!

This time of year provides a great excuse to change your environment – create an enticing atmosphere that will encourage guests to linger and SHOP.

First, assess your space. How far do you want to go… add some woodland trees that you could place toys and ornaments in… or garland with lights around the windows… or would it be better simply hang a canopy of white lights from the ceiling? Whatever the case, make it special. Inspire people to celebrate their pets this season!

Second, make it easy to buy. Email or mail a coupon to your customers – perhaps a buy-one-get-one-free special. If you enjoy in-store events, how about a “yappy hour” with dog treats and cocoa and in-store specials? A drawing or door prize is always a good addition. Maybe a fun afternoon event featuring photos with Santa?

Finally, be sure to have:

  • Gift Registry – put a book by the register for people to register their pets’ holiday requests
  • Impulse Items stocking stuffers near the register, and if you don’t have stockings, you should!
  • Dear Santa cards – pre-printed note cards on which the pet’s request is written in the blank… the card can then be conveniently left somewhere at home where Santa will find it

And don’t forget… right now is the time to get some great last-minute merchandise deals! Set up a wholesale account at and check out the holiday toys and accessories that customers can’t refuse. We’ll get them to you fast!


Add some color to the shelves

Need some fun and color in your set of toys? Funnies and Sea Monsters can definitely deliver. At great retails, these long lasing toys will surely keep your pets and pet parents happy!

New Take on Tug Toys

Unique and innovative toys will grow your sales every time! Our tugs come in fashion prints as well as plush and nylon. Try out our new take on tug toys.