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Real Animals

Since our original Long body characters have proven to sell, we’ve decided to make them some friends! Real Animal toys are a big trend out there, so don’t miss this opportunity to grow your toy sales!

Great Way to Merchandise Ecos!

Ready to Get out and Play?! This is a great way to merchandise our new eco carriers and mobile homes. Included are some great add on items to make sure your customers have everything they need to hit the trail!

Retail for ALL!

When it comes down to it, there is no excuse not to have at least a small retail spot in your Fido related business. Whether you have a grooming, training, daycare, veterinarian, bakery or any other business catering to our favorite four-legged friends, finding a spot for retail should be at the top of your to do list. It’s a great way to add to your bottom line and provide your valued customers with another great service.

My sister-in-law, who owns Aspen Ridge Animal Hospital in Show Low, AZ, recently added a toy box full of dog toys by the register at the dog’s level (see image below). This way, when it’s time for payment, patrons’ dogs can go shopping, and may be lucky enough to go home with a new toy!

Keep it simple, you don’t have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to add retail to your business. You can start with 10 items, two each of your favorite products. Stick with items you use at home, as there is no greater selling tool than your own recommendation. Think about it, your customers come to your business because they believe that you’re the best, so your recommendations hold great worth! Many companies sell their products at wholesale prices to business just like yours, including Kyjen. Get started at If you already have retail, great! But you can still capitalize on increased sales with a toy box by the register!

Taking the Real Animal Dog Toy Trend to another Level

Merchandising Real Animal Squeaker Mats

Real Animal Squeaker Mats – The secret to showing these guys off is to highlight all of their features and benefits. By varying the surface that faces out, the customer may see the durable multiple-squeaker mat, the giant grunt tail, and the high-quality faux fur. Get creative with a tag gun and some “C” hooks to show the animal faces!