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Selling Indoor/Outdoor Exercise for Dogs

Merchandising Tail Teasers

Tail Teasers – These show stoppers catch the most attention in the Kyjen free-standing display – good graphics and color in a go-anywhere container. If you have limited space, pegs on a slat wall, peg board, or grid work well. Be certain to line the cards up vertically or horizontally on the wall. Leaving a Tail Teaser open for customers and dogs to play with is a must (watch your breakables)!

Bring Attention to Active Gear for Dogs

Merchandising the New Outward Hound

Outward Hound Fresh, colorful… and lost if thrown on a shelf! Show off our new line by pairing Treat n’ Ball Bags with their matching Backpacks. Keep it simple and streamlined so the customer can focus on one item at a time – blank space may help keep the look clean. Add in some of our prints for variety; shown here are Backpacks and Fanny Packs, but we’ve got an endless assortment of bowls, carriers, and life jackets to add to the mix. By displaying a broad range of goods, you can build a reputation as the travel expert!

Kyjen is at Super Zoo in Vegas!

Hi! Just making sure you all are aware, Kyjen is in Vegas! We’re attending Super Zoo! We’re in booth 1424. Be sure to stop by and check out our display with all of our newest toys! Be the first to have them in your store :)

Also, the Kyjen team will be at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay from 4- 6pm this Tuesday.  Stop in and say “Hi!” We’d love to meet you.

Social Media?

Facebook… Twitter…FourSquare… You may think that you are not technologically savvy enough to be a part of social media. But the advantages of social media in the pet industry is measurable!  I already have many customers who have loyal followers on Facebook and all I hear are success stories!

Check out this article by Direct Marketing News about the pet industry and the advantages of social media  and do yourself a favor and grow your business with social media:

Challenge Toys for Dogs = Game Changers in Your Store

In an effort to be the Virtual Visual Merchandising Team to our specialty retailers, we’re launching a series of quick hints for building effective displays in your store. Capitalize on Kyjen’s latest home runs by creating great displays that your customers can’t resist!

Challenge Toys for Dogs = Game Changers in Your Store
Merchandising Dog Games Puzzle Toys and Invincibles

Dog Games Puzzle Toys – Colorful and irresistible, they tell their own story for the Challenge category. The human eye can best focus on these if you put them in straight vertical or horizontal lines with a little blank space in between. Don’t be afraid to stack a few on a shelf – we’ve put intriguing copy on all sides of the box to grab shoppers’ attention!

Invincibles – These colorful critters are an ideal compliment to the Dog Toys, as they provide another kind of play. Easy to display, the hang cards can be on the same level or at alternating heights – the unstuffed snake faces catch customers’ eye.

How to Increase Business by Hanging Around!

One of the great advantages to owning a pet specialty store is SIZE, or at least it seems so when you’re paying your lease, figuring sales per square foot, and cleaning the place…

But just try to figure out what to do with all of that exciting STUFF that companies like Kyjen have convinced you that you must have (home runs like Invincibles and Tail Teasers, to name a couple)!

I manage the sales department at Kyjen, and it’s always my goal to be the “go to” resource for merchandising tips. After over fifteen years in visual merchandising, and another fifteen in interior design, people have somehow concluded that I occasionally know what I’m talking about when it comes to “curb appeal”, traffic flow, and all of those other good things that make up a fantastic shopping environment!

Currently, I have three large hungry retrievers at home, so I spend a lot of time buying premium dog food in little stores that must optimize their small spaces. What I love most is when I see a retailer using every square inch!

Take a minute to think about this – are you using all of your wall space? Do as many of your toys and travel items face the customer as possible? Is it organized in a logical fashion that shoppers can “read” left to right and up and down?

My guess is that you’re already utilizing the floor, but what about the ceiling? A hanging grid, or even a pot rack, are outstanding vehicles for showing off hanging merchandise.

Photos from couple of my favorite Colorado businesses are attached. I hope that they will inspire you to look at your space from a whole new angle!